D&D-licious Planning

Session 03 - The Green Grass, The Black Blood

After dispatching the blights, the party safely stow away their raft and recuperate.

During the rest, Lucky runs off and returns with some beads that had been part of the attire of some of the Ioran clerics. Lucky then leads the party back to the old lumber track marked on their map and then off onto the trail to the next ward. Sadie finds more beads and a broken bracelet hanging off a branch.

Travelling down the trail, the party notice more blights in the distance and manage to take a needle blight down before encountering a vine blight that attempts to restrain them.

While fighting the vine blight, the party also encounter other twig blights, but most of them are rushing back toward the ward tree to defend it.

After dispatching the blights, the party comes into a clearing where a giant old tree is being surrounded by many twig blights. Black, oily liquid coats the tree bark and dark tendrils stretch out from its roots into the trees around the grove. Discarded holy symbols are scattered around the tree. There are signs of a fight in the grove, with slash marks on the surrounding trees and dried blood on the grass.

Sadie invokes a divine blessing to calm down and charm the blights, which allows Felix to step through them and climb up the tree without resistance. Up in the midst of the branches, he finds a ceramic spike driven into the wood and broken fragments of pottery around it. He pulls out the spike which reverses the ritual and returns the black sap into a cracked pot.

Sadie, Thorin and Felix then get a vision of the ritual that was performed to corrupt this tree, which was enacted by a figure in brown robes and clad in armour of cracked earth.



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