Quan Suyin

Cleric of Iora


Short, thin human lady with long black hair tied in 3 braids. Rather than the typical chainmail of the other martially inclined clerics of Hope’s Last Light Chapel, she favours leather armour over her acolyte’s robes. Her short spear is adorned with paper tassels, which is a common charm in her southern homeland.

During the attack on Hope’s Last Light Chapel, Kukka cast a blessing on her spear and sent her out with Sadie to help the other defenders do the same so that their attacks would actually banish the lemures rather than allow them to regenerate back at their nest.

The tip of her spear appeared to be infused with a dim light as she fended off the lemures to the caravans. She recited poems of the sun’s warmth over the forests and paper mills as she tied paper charms to the weapons of the other paladins and clerics, and their weapons shared the same warm glow.


Quan Suyin

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