Rel Varsin

Lives for wine, tunes and alchemy


Rel grew up with a loving and hard-working family who was trying hard to fight the common tiefling stereotypes (her ancestors went through a long history of injustice and discrimination due to many brutal tieflings messing with people, and her family really just wanted to have a fair and peaceful life).
As a kid she started hanging with her hot half-elf friend who was into alchemy, and together they started experimenting and teaching each other a whole lot.
One day, their experiment went wrong and she being the tiefling received all the blame. With her family’s reputation ruined and them being extremely disappointed, she ran away. Elsewhere she got offered an actual job as an artificer by a shady noble woman. The tiefling girl was excited that she was being taken seriously, and it was her only way to pursue the thing she loved the most and to make up for her mistakes by earning big moneyz she planned to bring her family. The mistress however started abusing her, discriminating her and being cruel to her and others cause she had some serious issues. The tiefling girl wasn’t really trying to be like her parents anymore and decided to fiddle with the machine she made for her mistress, which ended up killing her (her playing her instrument (=infernal voices talking to her) might’ve helped with this decision).

Wanted for murder, she is now on the run and about to meet the party.

Rel Varsin

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