D&D-licious Planning

Session 01.5 Interlude - The Light You Obscure

At the end of the last session, Rel had an inkling of it but didn’t quite manage to spot the shadow creature lurking around the front gate. The shadow struck while some of the paladins followed Rel out of the gate and went to the aid of the caravan.

After the initial attack, another shadow appeared out of the trees, from the direction where the ill-fated messenger fell. The paladins recognized the form of this shadow, who looks like their fallen companion.

Sadie emerged from the keep with another cleric, Quan Suyin – a short human lady with long black hair tied in 3 braids and a spear adorned with paper tassels. Kukka had sent her along with Sadie to help the defenders by casting blessings upon their weapons which would enable them to permanently banish the lemures which also allowed them to harm the shadows.

While the concerted efforts of the party enabled them to drive off the lemures and the strange shadows, the shadows claimed another victim that night.
(For the players:
Who was this victim?

A member of the party?

A member of the caravan?

A member of the chapel?

Make your choice. You can discuss it in the chat and let me know what all of you decide before the next session)



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