D&D-licious Planning

Session 09 - Where You Came From, and The Road Ahead

  • Solidified the world, discussed Felix’s upbringing in Neverwinter, Rel’s upbringing around Heaven’s Branch, Thorin’s abandonment of his previous culture which was at the settlement now called Reservoir because they dammed up a small valley, and Sadie’s previous life amongst a faith that didn’t fit with her at Lilydale. Oh, also Nikra’s cave near some Old Kingdom ruins before being saved by the creepy lich mother.
  • When they were discussing Rel’s previous work with teleportation, Felix had a flash of memory of strange shipments in Neverwinter that used to puzzle him.
  • After obtaining Master Kiln’s mask & blindfold and making it through the broken portal, the cursed tree portal was restored. Sadie and Gren restored the ward at the tree and Sadie felt some warmth from Iora as well.
  • In examining the blindfold, Nikra figured out he could probably attune himself to the blindfold if he could enact a ritual with some ash from a tree struck by lightning, a thread from a used funerary shroud, the shadow of a spider, and some part of himself. He also realised that even with the attunement, the blindfold is still immensely powerful and dangerous.
  • While waiting for Sadie to return to the group, Felix had gotten everyone there to dip their hand in the tree sap that was in the trees that Rel and Nikra had travelled through and put their handprints on his new mask.
  • It became clear to the whole team that much larger forces are at work here, and there is a powerful, organised group interested in taking control of the land.

We returned to the Jackal village in a heavy storm and hunkered down for the night.

  • Doma essentially asked for more help, specifically the powerful blindfold. We told her that we’re doing our best and to back off. Doma left the conversation and became much more stand offish.
  • Gren revealed that he used to be a warlock, and that an inquisitor from The Order of the Burning Sky (part of the Church of Iora) had arrived at the chapel. They had been worried that the Burning Sky was after Gren for his past, which is why he was chosen to refresh the wards.
  • Gren encountered some suspicious activity that made him think the Burning Sky may be serving another entity other than Iora, and requests Nikra to be wary of them but also keep an eye out for any information on who they serve.
  • First thing the next morning, we ventured to restore the ward that existed at the previously corrupted tree that we cleansed. That went smoothly. Knowing that Master Kiln was probably targeting the trees as they could be corrupted, it was decided to replace the tree wards with stone wards.
  • We then returned to Jackalville to see that they are making preparations to leave, as it has grown too dangerous. Mosscloak mentions that they don’t get along with the lizardfolk in the south of the valley as the jackals used to be enslaved by the lamia, and so they are going to try their luck up north. Doma still sent out scouts to the wards as agreed with the party.
  • The party ventured forth to the final Tree ward, as scouted by the Jackals.
  • Nikra used the mask to control nearby shades, which assisted us in fending off the lizard-fish people who had been crossing the river and attacked the party.
  • The two shades hanging around the tree are Tengah, the squire that had tried to warn the chapel of the initial shadow attack, and an old elf lady. They currently don’t have their full memories, but the elf lady has some flashes of her previous memories.
  • One of the shades killed a big lizard-fish and a shadow appeared from its body.
  • Nikra felt strange and his vision has been affected after using the blindfold to command the shades. He can still maintain control for another hour.
  • Sadie fell unconscious but was promptly healed back up, the rest of the crew remained fairly healthy despite some serious grapple action.
  • Aside from the shadow lizard person, two others are dead on the ground/water (one was boiled alive by Rel’s Hellish Rebuke) while another two have fled across the river.
  • Nikra sent a message to the Ioran group who were refreshing the other wards and are on their way to the party now.
  • We’re ready to set up the next ward, we’ve also caught word that Master Kiln and his forces use the Lizard-Fish camp as a halfway point, and has been recruiting other parties on the other side of the river to his cause. It may be worth investigating.



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