D&D-licious Planning

Session 02 - Into the Woods, Onto the Water, Out of the Mists

Boulder in Swift Waters succumbed to the attack of the shadows while defending Enam Diawan, the half-elf musician and craftsman from Kalen’s caravan.

In the morning, the chapel holds a strange memorial service for Tenga, the fallen squire, and Boulder in Swift Waters. Pili declines the gift of a budding sapling from Thorin, stating cryptically that the two are not dead but lost in darkness.

After the memorial, there is a short discussion to discuss future plans. Kalen and Kukka were both impressed by the party’s skills and composure under fire from the night before. Kalen offers to pay them to escort his caravan, while Kukka requests them to help find out what happened to a group of clerics and paladins that had embarked a couple of days ago to renew the wards in the Saidn Forest.

The party choose to take on the request from Hope’s Last Light Chapel to find out what happened to the ward renewal group.

Relieved that the party would take care of the situation in the forest, the chapel sends Suyin and a few other escorts along with Kalen’s caravan to their next stop, Day’s Rest Chapel along the way to Halaren.

Sadie spent some time talking with Suyin and learning more about how her blessings worked, while Nikra received an omen and several boons from his otherworldly patron. Felix practiced a ritual imbuing his blade with water, while Thorin communed with the trees around the chapel and Rel completed the final touches on her glove of holding and got Enam’s business card. Kalen also gifted the party with some rations and a small cask of Drago’s Old Peculiar whisky, brewed by his cousin in the mountains near Daban.

The next day, the party reached the first ward, which was a stone cairn near an abandoned sculptor’s cottage. While at the stone cottage, Thorin took inspiration from the many sculptures of lions in the yard to take that form.

Sensing the need to overtake the ward group, the party built a raft to take on the river, with Felix helping with the steering in the water.

After a night’s travel, the party stop by the bank in the morning mists to continue their search for the second ward. However, in the low visibility the party is ambushed by needle and twig blights and fight a hard battle at the banks, with Felix, Sadie and Rel taking grievous injuries.



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