D&D-licious Planning

Session 04 - Bone, Fur and Blood

The party rests in the shade of the cleansed ward tree, and are refreshed as the ancient tree expresses its gratitude at the cleansing. The twig blights, before falling back into inanimate sticks, form themselves into a magical javelin for Sadie to thank her for calming them down and healing the tree. Thorin is slightly jealous of Sadie’s gift.

Rel examines the sap in the cracked pot and finds that the pot is marked with an archaic rune from the time of the Old Kingdom that prevents it from spilling its contents, and that the black oil is most likely sap from the Gulthian tree which in legends is a cursed tree in the middle of the Old Kingdom.

Thorin communes with the trees and plants and gains knowledge of a clearing near a small hill, where wood has been cut down in recent times and figures have been moving about.

The party follows the trail out of the ward tree’s grove that indicated a large group of people moving off through the forest.

Not long after following the tracks, the party is confronted by a wild youth in the trees before they could reach the low hill that Thorin had sensed.

Greypatch asked if they were looking for the “sun boys” and indicated that they should give up, as they are surrounded, and that the forest takes and doesn’t give back easily. Before Felix can negotiate further, Rel fires an arrow into Greypatch’s shoulder, who falls off the tree into the form of a jackal and howls.

Greypatch’s howls are answered by 5 other jackalwere who surround the party.
The jackalwere manage to use their magical gaze to put Nikra, Sadie and Felix to sleep. Thorin wakes Felix and together with Rel they manage to kill 3 of the jackalwere including Greypatch. Although the jackalwere appear to heal quickly from most physical attacks, Felix’s magical water blade manages to stop their regeneration. Sadie is also woken up before the jackalwere can steal her away, but Nikra is still stuck in a deep slumber and suspended by Thorin’s vines.

Two of the jackalwere manage to slip away during the melee, while another is tackled to the ground by Felix before they can escape. However, more howls can be heard in the distance.



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