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Campaign is in PLANNING stage.

Meta: Worldbuilding

Style and Tone – Grounded heroic fantasy, political intrigue

Major Themes – Out of the darkness, light

Setting – Medieval, uncommon magic

Meta: Character Creation

Link to ForgedAnvil Character Creator

In addition to/alternate ways to look at character details (backgrounds/traits/ideals/flaws:

Context within the setting: How do you fit into the world?

Foundation: Who am I (right now, at the start of the campaign)? What sets my character apart from others?

Motivation: What does my character want, or think they want?

Means: How does my character work to get what they want?

Trouble aspects/challenges: What is impeding my character from getting what they want?

Relationships: Who are my friends/enemies/contacts, how did/would I meet other members of the party, what did we do when we first met?

Meta: House Rules

I'm considering using a house rule to add a few more uses for Inspiration so that it's not so focused on modifying dice rolls. My idea is that Inspiration can be spent to establish a detail of a scene/character/plot point (with DM approval) e.g. this soldier we just met used to work as a constable in my hometown and we have a history together

In addition, we should decide together how strict we want to be with encumbrance, and how we track XP.  I would prefer to track XP as GM and I'll let you know when you're getting close to levelling up so you can start thinking about new class features/spells etc. The way I like to do leveling up is you tell me ahead of time what you want to do at next level, and then I can incorporate those changes into the roleplaying e.g. "You find a book which explains how to cast this new spell"

Also, if everyone is comfortable with it, I'd like to use the Feat optional rule. I find it gives some nice options to reflect some character details in a mechanical way.

The World

Continents and Landmasses

Regions and Nations

Cities and Notable Landmarks

Races and Cultures

Organizations and Factions

History and Key Events

The Nature of Magic

Deities and Higher Powers

Persons of Interest

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